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Having cats of our own, we know how upsetting it can be leaving your pets in the care of other people.

So our promise to you is that we will spend as much time as possible with each cat, so that they receive the cuddles, playtime and all the attention that they deserve. In fact, as this is our particular favourite part of the job, Iā€™m not sure who enjoys this time more ā€“ them or us!

We want Becks Cattery to be a place that we would be happy leaving our own cats. This means that not only do we ensure that the accommodation is comfortable and cosy, but that there are plenty of things to keep your cat occupied.

Because all of our pens have a view of the outside, our visitors can be kept occupied for hours watching birds, butterflies and the horses in the neighbouring fields. And once that all gets too much they can stretch out in a sunny spot and take a nap.

In addition to this each pen has toys, scratching posts and a raised platform, where the cats can sit and watch everything that is going on in the cattery ā€“ which has proven very popular with our previous visitors.

And for all you owners, we now have a Facebook page where we post updates and photos of the cats staying with us. So even when you are away you will be able to see photos of your cat and discover just how much he/she is enjoying their stay with us. You can find us at the following link:

Finally for that added peace of mind we are fully insured and licensed by Havant Borough Council.


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